Reinventing the Fling brand

Fling is a young start-up with big ideas for disrupting the social media industry by providing users with a gateway into other people’s lives. This is done by creating the first truly random social media app that allows anyone from anywhere to connect with anyone from anywhere and share their moments. 

In 12 months Fling has grown to 4.5 million users and the founders thought it was time to reinvent Fling’s image.

My Role
Art direction, Brand identity, UI design, Iconography, Illustration

Below are examples of the visual assets and iconography designed for use in the app


Starting with the logo

The main reason for the re-design was that the previous logo lacked character, looked static and on a whole failed to represent what the Fling app has become.

An essential aspect of the re-design was to retain the instantly recognisable paper plane, a symbol that epitomises the fun, free brand aspect, integral to Flings identity.

The new logo now has a totally custom script typeface to represent the uniqueness of personality. Personality was key to reflecting of the users of the app, each having their own reason and perspective when sending a message (Fling), this also gives the word mark a personality of its own. The script lettering injects youthfulness and attitude, with the connection of letters representing social connection and the journey of a message (Fling) the app provides. The slanted text gives an instant injection of energy and dynamism.

All this as well as ensuring that the logo remained visually balanced, consistent, enabling positioning of the brand on the current and future social media landscape.


Representing the homescreen

Any credible app requires a custom app icon, and Fling wanted theirs to really jump (fly) out of the screen, together with combining the friendly, playfulness of the app.


Adding some character

What rebrand is complete without some friendly ‘mascots’? These little guys would be used in the app’s intro tour, various promotional collateral and were transformed into animated stickers for use with the in-app messenger function (the ghost isn’t one of the mascots, I just like it).

See Fling’s sticker set


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